Welcome to the Sydney School of Tai Chi
The Effortless Flowing Way of Nature

Tai Chi is the art of conscious movement. It is a profound, comprehensive and powerful way of awakening our health and awareness into complete aliveness.

The natural principles of Tai Chi (Taiji) can be applied to all aspects of life including our personal growth, from simple physical changes to deep insights. With continuous practice all stress related conditions should gradually transform into physical and mental well-being, flexibility and balance. Tai Chi uses relaxing and aligning as its basis, yielding to and neutralising hard or harsh forces often experienced as conflict in our daily lives.

Benefits of practicing Tai Chi

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Meditation
  • Self-defense
  • Balance in daily life

The Teachings of Grand Master Huang Sheng Shyan (1910-1992)

Huang Sheng Shyan (Huang Xingxian) was trained from a young age in Taoist healing and martial arts including Fujian White Crane in which he first achieved recognition. Later in Taiwan he studied Tai Chi Chuan under Cheng Man Ching (Zheng Manqing) the famous student of Yang Chengfu. Over the next forty years Master Huang taught thousands of students in Malaysia and Singapore and refined and expanded the art of Tai Chi, achieving almost legendary status.

Grandmaster Huang's teachings, which cover all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan and involve the complete training and harmonising of mind and body, are now practiced worldwide.

The Sydney School of Tai Chi holds classes in Newtown, Sydney Australia.

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